SONG OF THE DAY: Freemasons – Shakedown 3 (EP 1)

Enduring house icons The Freemasons preview their forthcoming Shakedown 3 album with four tracks that show the depth of their sound. Getting the initial buzz is their cover of the 2006 progressive classic “Discopolis” by Lifelike and Kris Menace. The respectful update keeps all of the instrumentation in place, ups the tempo, and gives it that somber yet uplifting house feel which makes it a Freemasons track, in the vein of their hit “Uninvited” cover a few years back. Keeping the somber tone is their track as side project Pegasus “In the Blue.” The retro, darker house vibe follows the template of their Lamb cover “Gorecki,” with a touch more of the Nu-House vibe. On first listen, you might think it is Roisin Murphy on the vocals, but it is actually singer/songwriter Emma Rohan (an Angelina Jolie lookalike who has written for UK pop stars Joe McElderry and Boyzone). Switching from progressive to more hands in the air vocal house, the Freemasons duo bring “Nothing to Lose” and “True Love Survivor.” “Nothing to Lose” is commercial and credible at the same time, with pristine production emphasizing both Hi-NRG house tracks and the soulful vocals of Andrea Martin (best known for the song “Share the Love,” which was sampled by Tomcraft in his track “Loneliness”). Closing out the set is “True Love Survivor,” which melds house, disco, and progressive for a commercial track that is both recognizable and original at the same time. Discovered at an Apple store, singer/songwriter Hana has a voice that encompasses both the ethereal prettiness of a trance-topliner with the power of a soul singer. The lyrics are quite strong as well and could easily be redone as a ballad for unplugged performances. As the first taste of Shakedown 3, these four tracks will whet your appetite for what will no doubt be one of the albums of the year.

Image courtesy of Freemasons.

Notable Dance Podcast #033

Pegasus ft Chole Wolf – Gorecki

Jack & Joy ft Calvin Lynch – Be This Way (Original Extended)
3Lau, Paris & Simo ft Bright Lights – Escape (Bursters)
Jordy Dazz – Torpedo
Lazy Jay – On the Rocks
Martin Solveig & Laidback Luke – Blow
The PartySquad & Mitchell Niemeyer – Pantsdown
Blasterjaxx – Snake
Tiesto ft BT – Love Comes Again (Blasterjaxx)
Don Diablo & Matt Nash ft Noonie Bao – Starlight Could You Be Mine (Drop Dept)
Ferry Corsten ft Jenny Wahlstrom – Many Ways (Ext)
Justin Michael ft Phillip Larue – Young Forever (Extended)

SONG OF THE DAY: Pegasus ft Chloe Wolf – “Gorecki”

I’ve mentioned the WTF concept for a record a few times (see here for description).? When I first heard “Gorecki,” I had to think ‘is this really bad or really amazing.’ ?After a few listens, I realize it’s the latter.? An update of the song, it’s a similar remaining to what the Freemasons did with Alanis Morissette’s “Uninvited” a few years back.? What threw me off is that Chloe Wolf’s style of singing and talking feels like it belongs on a mellow trance record rather than a retro dark house style.? Actually, to be more specific, imagine if during their “Flashdance” era, Deep Dish would have produced “Faster Kill Pussycat” (instead of Paul Oakenfold) and channeled some of Rollo’s downbeat epic style.? (And if you don’t know Deep Dish “Flashdance” or Paul Oakenfold “Faster Kill Pussycat” or who Rollo is, click their names for listening links.)? The vocals and the production make “Gorecki” stand out from what is out there and from what most of Freemasons have done, though it does have a bit of a similar feel to their most recent single “Tears.”? There will no doubt a full slate of mixes come release, and hopefully the Freemasons might consider bringing back their Walken alter-ego as that sound would fit the song perfectly.

Image Courtesy of Freemasons Music.