SONG OF THE DAY: Cameron James – One Step Ahead

I got the call last week to hit local live music joint 12th and Porter to check out a showcase from Nashville-based singer/songwriter Cameron James.? She sounds like a cross between Ellie Goulding and Plumb with chilled out EDM productions featuring intelligent lyrics and catchy pop hooks.? The mildly dissonant and stuttered intro for “One Step Ahead” caught my attention.? The dirty production contrasts with her airy sweet vocals.? This all builds to a retro-vibed synth-pop chorus that will get stuck in your head.? Hearing it on Vanderpump Rules later this month will no doubt expose her and her music to a wider audience.? Be sure to check out Cameron’s music on her Soundcloud – especially “All Out War” and “Stolen.”

SONG OF THE DAY: Circuit 21 – Calling All Angels

A Pop/Hi-NRG version of Underworld’s classic “Born Slippy” – who would have thought that could work so well? Well, “Calling All Angels” isn’t exactly a new topline over the ‘Trainspotting’ anthem, but the intro and breaks are clearly “inspired” by it. The lead singer from Bearforce1 follows up his cover of E.G. Daily’s “Love in the Shadows” with an original song about unrequited love over a modern Hi-NRG beat. If you are a fan of Almighty or Cahill productions, you will love this. The boxing-themed video is so well-produced that you wonder if it’s the pilot for a new TV show or movie. Circuit 21’s styling is so reminiscent of the later Army of Lovers videos that I could only imagine how incredible an Alexander Bard vs Circuit 21 collaboration would be…

Image courtesy of House of Sugar Music.

SONG OF THE DAY: Gala – The Beautiful

This is one of those collaborations that seem so random that it could either result in brilliance or madness. Europop legend Gala (“Freed From Desire”/”Let a Boy Cry”), whom we last heard on “Taste of Me” teamed up with house legend Todd Terry for the quirky yet delightful “The Beautiful.” The lyrics question the pursuit of material wealth and fame when inner beauty and resolve is much more valuable. Gala’s distinctive voice sounds better than ever with her trademark melodic talk/sing. Todd Terry shows the newcomers how to update the classic (and even his own) house sound with modern elements for a truly fresh vibe. Putting the two together is definitely brilliant. Loge21 remixes the track with a Chromeo vibe while the Hoxton Whores go big room with bouncy house- with the original vibe intact. The video is delightfully subversive, with Gala being bound yet clearly in control at the same time perfectly echoing the true meaning of the lyrics.

Image Courtesy of InHouse Records.