About NotableDance: NotableDance is a dance and electronic music blog written by DJ Ron Slomowicz (with a little help from some good friends). Its purpose is to spread the word and my thoughts about amazing electronic dance music from the clubs, the underground, and the mainstream. You will see articles on everyone from Trentemoeller to Afrojack, Kerli to David Guetta, and Billie Ray Martin to Saint Etienne. The world of dance music has such an expansive reach that you can expect to see quite a few surprises, and it’s my hope that you’ll realize that despite the proliferation of subgenres and ‘scenes,’ that dance music binds us together rather than driving us apart.

About DJ Ron: I was born on Long Island, New York, and my family moved to Florida when I was five. We lived in the Orlando area, where I had my first taste of club culture at age 13 (Visage / Aahz / Beacham) and performed in the cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Vanderbilt University brought me to Nashville, and I became a fixture on WRVU, their college radio station. The weekly dance show was some of Nashville’s first exposure to electronic dance music – from techno to europop to house to hardbeat to electro, I’ve always aimed to bring the hottest sound to the music city. The radio show led to parties, then to club gigs and touring (everywhere from New York to South Beach, Seattle to Chicago, Denver to Columbus, San Diego to Orlando). I started mixing on CDs, moved over to laptop DJing, and now into laptop VJing, mixing music, video, and visuals on a dual laptop system.

While a student at Vanderbilt, I wrote reviews for campus paper The Hustler and moved to local publication Xenogeny after graduation. My earliest web writing was on OutInAmerica.com, Klubz.com, HangtheDJ.com, and CircuitCandy.com (the last three now sadly defunct). In 2003, I became the guide/editor of DanceMusic.About.Com (currently owned by the New York Times). After launching www.NotableScents.net about fragrance in January 2012, I decided to make the move and launch NotableDance.com as a home for all of my interviews, features, and reviews along with new articles covering all aspects of electronic dance music.

This blog is written from my perspective with the goal being to expose people to music that they normally might not experience (or give a perspective on something mainstream that shows a new angle on it). Talking to DJs, producers, and artists through interviews really gives them the voice to add a dimension to their art – which is why I will always aim to publish a lot of interviews on the site. There will be a new song featured on the cover every day as well. Over time, I will be reposting content I wrote for about.com as well.

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FTC Disclaimer ? Unless otherwise noted, products I write about are items that I have purchased. Anything received as a sample to write about will be noted. This is a requirement for bloggers, but not for print journalists. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it…