SONG OF THE DAY: Nom De Strip & Hatiras – “Nippleodeon”

Ah, the glorious WTF track… In the constant stream of tracks released on a weekly basis, it takes a special or WTF (what the fuck) track to stand out and make you notice.? It’s not that “Nippleodeon” is completely original – there are elements of ’90s techno, late ’80s industrial, glitch, and electro mixed with diva vocal samples, handclaps, and horn loops. The way that all these parts are seamlessly blended is what elevates it from a mash-up to a truly original track. ?Nippleodeon is for the big rooms what Arcader’s “Pillowtalk” is for the techno-heads.? That the title is quite fun to say just makes it even more stupid fresh.

Image Courtesy of Rising Music.