SONG OF THE DAY: Justin Michael ft Phillip LaRue – “Young Forever”

Dance music is definitely enjoying a renaissance of strong male vocal records featuring the likes of Chris James, John Martin, and Jonny Rose. Add to that list Phillip LaRue who brings a Chris Martin (Coldplay) vibe to the “Young Forever,” the new single from Justin Michael. You probably know Justin from his singles with Kemal “Trouble” (sung by Heather Bright) and “Her World Goes On” (sung by Bruno Mars), or his releases on Armada. On “Young Forever,” Justin sets the tone with a rock-influenced dance feel and a Hi-NRG baseline that sounds like a cross between Motiv8 and Arty. The pretty intro makes it perfect for dance radio (and even commercial radio). With an extended club mix, it would make a great hands-in-the-air track to end any big room night.

Image Courtesy of Rocktronica.