SONG OF THE DAY: The Partysquad & MItchell Niemeyer – “#Pantsdown”

It’s hump day (feel free to use the camel voice), so here’s a mindless party record.? “#Pantsdown” was born from a DJ chat app where superstar DJs would exchange stories about gigs, with the conversation quickly devolving into their taking pictures of their pants down in front of crowds.? Dutch duo Partysquad? and DJ Mitchell Niemeyer collaborated to come up with a big room festival tune that combines equal parts of hard electro, “Animal”-ish synth hooks, and tribal beats with the vocal hook “You got me with my pants down, pants down.” It’s catchy and brilliant with its mindless simplicity.? So much so that the ever-present hashtag in the title is not even irritating as it was with #Beautiful or #ThatPower.? The video features a Sacha Baron Cohen lookalike pulling his pants down in random locations.? The video has over 300K views and with a mention by someone like Leno or Letterman (or more likely one of the Jimmies- Kimmel or Fallon), it will no doubt go viral. After seeing the posters plastered around Amsterdam for ADE, it comes to mind that the shirtless Mitchell Niemeyer would have made a better choice for the star of the video.

Image Courtesy of Spinnin.