Ben Norman

Ben Norman

Ben is a resident of our Nation’s capitol and consistently fails to find anything interesting there to do. He is an avid music lover, recalling both his first cassette tape (Mariah Carey’s eponymous debut) and his first CD (Ace of Base’s?The Sign). He has since amassed such a collection that his apartment is built out of old CD jewel cases.


His favorite music tends to come from other countries, as they do it “right.” From the very first song, he has loved artists like Our Lady Peace, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, No Doubt, Ben Folds Five, Alanis Morissette, Robyn, Garbage and many others. Some of his favorite remixers include Bimbo Jones, Fonzerelli, Offer Nissim, Jody Den Broeder, and the Young Punx. He is also single and willing to go on dates, as long as you pay.

You can find more about him on?his myspace pageand?his blog.


Spun Counterguy

Spun Counterguy is a DJ, writer, podcaster, producer (as Synapse Trap) and former record shop owner. Whether he?s digging through yard sales and attics of rural America for lost 78?s or perusing the clubs in Asia for new innovative tracks, he thoroughly enjoys his pursuit of audible happiness.

You can find more about him on his Podbean page and his Synapse Trap BroadJam Page.

Cory Glisson-Munier

Cory Glisson-Munier

Professional dance music reviewer and interviewer Cory Glisson-Munier has constructively evaluated our industry for over twenty years. His passion for our genre has produced published reviews for artists, remixers/producers, and labels such as Jenna Drey, Dee Robert, Freddy Bastone, Junior Vasquez, Mike Rizzo, Hex Hector, Sarah Atereth, Tony Moran, Ultra Records, Vernessa Mitchell,Yiannis Elia, Chris Moody, Manny Lehman, Johnny Vicious, and countless others.

?While perfection (or near) of a remix is rare, personally I believe it is critical to be open to all variations of the music made in our genre so that we can hopefully, and joyfully, experience that treasured creation ? that conception envisioned just from the acapella or from the musicality within the mind of the remixer.?

Cory resides in the Atlanta, GA area.

He may be reached via?Soundcloud?or?E-Mail