SONG OF THE DAY: Pegasus ft Chloe Wolf – “Gorecki”

I’ve mentioned the WTF concept for a record a few times (see here for description).? When I first heard “Gorecki,” I had to think ‘is this really bad or really amazing.’ ?After a few listens, I realize it’s the latter.? An update of the song, it’s a similar remaining to what the Freemasons did with Alanis Morissette’s “Uninvited” a few years back.? What threw me off is that Chloe Wolf’s style of singing and talking feels like it belongs on a mellow trance record rather than a retro dark house style.? Actually, to be more specific, imagine if during their “Flashdance” era, Deep Dish would have produced “Faster Kill Pussycat” (instead of Paul Oakenfold) and channeled some of Rollo’s downbeat epic style.? (And if you don’t know Deep Dish “Flashdance” or Paul Oakenfold “Faster Kill Pussycat” or who Rollo is, click their names for listening links.)? The vocals and the production make “Gorecki” stand out from what is out there and from what most of Freemasons have done, though it does have a bit of a similar feel to their most recent single “Tears.”? There will no doubt a full slate of mixes come release, and hopefully the Freemasons might consider bringing back their Walken alter-ego as that sound would fit the song perfectly.

Image Courtesy of Freemasons Music.