SONGS OF THE DAY:?? Don Diablo & Matt Nash – “Starlight (Could You Be Mine)” and Don Diablo ft Alex Clare & Kelis -? “Give It All”

The original dirty dutchman Don Diablo is forever experimenting with his sound (check out the brilliant “M1 Stinger” for his last leftfield track). Teaming with rising UK producer Matt Nash, the result is “Starlight,” a refreshing take on the stadium meme, where the energetic part is more like bouncy electrohouse rather than the overdone three-chord brohouse cliche.? The vibe is reminiscent of the tragically overlooked Kat Krazy “See the Sun” from earlier in the year.? Watch for this one to be big amongst the superstar DJs, with Axwell championing it on his Axtone label.??? Featuring vocalist Alex Clare and Kelis, “Give It All” sounds like it might be the major pop hit that crosses Don over to the mainstream.? With the downbeat dubstep production, it feels slightly similar to Alex’s pop hit “Too Close,” but the lyrics and tone are much darker – questioning what you would do if your life was about to end and even the meaning of life while toasting a drink, celebrating for reason we don’t know.? It’s much more thought-provoking than a typical party record (maybe a testament to the vast unemployment of British/European twentysomethings) and sounds like a political statement that Faithless would be making in these uncertain times.? If you aren’t familiar with Don Diablo’s music, after you check out these two songs – go back and listen to “Hooligans,” “Amimale,” and “Make You Pop.”

Images courtesy of Axtone and Columbia.