SONG OF THE DAY:  Lazy Jay – “On the Rocks”

Jef Martens, aka Lazy Jay, gained much notoriety for his track “Float My Boat” that Azealia Banks used for “212.”  Did you know that he also produced “Scream & Shout” for and Britney Spears, or that he is also Basto (“Dance With Me” /  “Rock With You” / “Stormchaser”)? His new single “On the Rocks” is a pure WTF track because it is utterly unpredictable.  The intro has elements of trap and dubstep, leading to a big beat section.  After the male vocal sample comes fun retro ’90s techno (a la AB Logic “The Hitman”) with a slightly modern twist. Later in the track comes a moombahton break which shouldn’t work, but does so perfectly.  There are just so many elements at work here, but it really does have a similar genre-bending feel, like with “Float My Boat.”  I wonder how many of her multiple personalities Azelia could bring to a topline on this track.  Until that happens, check this out and DJs should rock it as it will get a massive crowd response.

Image Courtesy of Ultra.