SONG OF THE DAY: Tiesto ft BT – “Love Comes Again (2013 Remix)”

Just like the queen of dance music Donna Summer has a greatest hits remix album set for release (have you heard the Laidback Luke remix of “MacArthur Park,” or, unfortunately, Holy Ghost!’s abortion of a cover- not even a remix- of “Working The Midnight Shift?”), it seems like one of the kings of Trance, Tiesto, has something similar in the works.? Recently on Musical Freedom (Tiesto’s current label), John Christian unleashed an updated rework of the classic instrumental “Flight 643.”? Coming next on Tiesto’s former label Black Hole are new remixes of his collaboration with BT, “Love Comes Again.” The epic original balanced the hard and pretty in a way that set a new standard back in 2004.? Enlisted for the remix are Exodus & Hugo and Blasterjaxx.? The remixes are quite good and respectful of the original with full vocals, so it’s hard to choose a favorite since both have a similar flavor, mixing the current electro big room sound mixed with trance elements.?? The Exodus & Hugo take does have a good bit of that “LRAD” sound, which might be a bit too specific, while Blasterjaxx brings a dramatic dropout that really channels the original.? Either mix will sound great in a big room set.? And DJs will appreciate have a current remix on hand to throw in when they get hit with the inevitable request from some guy yelling “PLAY TIESTO” at them.??

Image Courtesy of Magik Muzik.