Notable Dance Podcast #019

Sharam – My Way
Jack & Joy vs Menini & Viani ft Greg Stainer – AAHM All About House Music (Jack and Joy Mix)
The ReLOUD ft Crystal Waters – Say Yeah (Private Extended)
The Blackhats – Ralph and Vicky
Paul Oakenfold ft Azealia Banks – Venus (DJ Bl3nd)
Cash Cash ft Bebe Rexha – Take Me Home
Static Revenger ft Kay – Back Off (Mixshow)
Green Velvet & Nicky Romero vs Illegal Beatz – Flash & Wild (Psycholi Mash)
Da Rave – Big
dBerrie – Decibel
Andreas Rodlund & Matt Hewie ft Jonny Rose – All We Have (Vocal)
Dank – Wonder Child (Dank LIRR)
Project 46 vs Linkin Park – Shadow of the Day
Alex Metric & Jacques Lu Cont ft Malin – Safe With You (Extended)

SONG OF THE DAY: Cash Cash ft Bebe Rexha – “Take Me Home”

I will be honest, the first time I heard about Cash Cash was when I was rummaging through the mixes of Krewella’s “Alive” trying to find a mix which didn’t have a large dropout which sucked all the energy out of the dancefloor… Thank you, Cash Cash. Digging into their tracks, I found a mixed bag of commercial-leaning stuff (the ‘obvious they were from New Jersey anthem’ “I Like it Loud,” a PSY-hook filled remix of British Justin Bieber-clone Conor Maynard’s “Vegas Girl”) and interesting ideas (the JUSTICE-influenced Loleatta Holloway sample track “Overtime” and the boy-band sounding dubstep tribute “Michael Jackson”). For “Take Me Home,” they’ve managed to combine the two extremes with a commercial take on electro/stadium tracks. It’s definitely pop, but since it premiered on Nicky Romero’s radio show, it must be credible. Just teasing, it’s seriously a great track that is hooky as hell with energy to pack a dance floor and singalong lyrics with crossover appeal. Enlisting the help of vocalist Bebe Rexha pushes it over the edge. When I first heard the track, I thought it was the singer from the Studio Killers. If you play “Take Me Home” after “Ode to the Bouncer,” you’ll hear what I mean. With “Take Me Home,” Cash Cash just might follow their friends on the path bubbling up from the underground to mainstream success.

Image courtesy of Big Beat Records.

SONG OF THE DAY: Krewella – “Alive”?

When I last wrote about Krewella, I described them as your “newest dubstep obsession” but have since realized they are so much more.? Seeing the trio in Atlantic City performing a set combining tracks, live vocals, effects, and more,? they literally pumped the crowd up to a new level. ? It was to the point that even the most stodgy industry people finally got why all the kids were into dubstep.? The thing is, their music is not just dubstep, but a sampling of several EDM subgenres – electro, dubstep, glitch, and stadium.? Their new single, “Alive,” is a mix of europop and stadium house that is accessible without being cheesy.? That’s an amazing accomplishment, especially since it sounds like they are recreating the infamous Cappella hook from the ’90s (which was originally “inspired” by Siouxsie and the Banshees “Happy House”). ? The vocals are quite strong and the solid production is hooky, with an energetic chorus that will get any dance floor jumping up and down. The remix package is quite impressive, with not a single weak one in the pack.? Dubstep lovers will go for the Pegboard Nerds and Mitis remixes.? Moore’s big room mix has a touch of the ’90s retro rave sound. ? Jakob Liedholm’s take has some cool filtering effects layered over the stadium groove, while the Cash Cash & Kalkutta is an all out energetic monster.? When a song is this good, you just can’t do a bad mix.

Image Courtesy of Columbia Recordings.