SONG OF THE DAY: Static Revenger ft Kay – “Back Off, Bitch!”

Yeah, there are feminist spoofs of “Blurred Lines,” but we could really use a new tough-talking chick with some brains to back it up. Introduce yourself to Kay, a/k/a My Name is Kay. Imagine the tough swagger of “Booty Bounce”-era Dev, the vocal punch of Luciana, and the over-the-top EFX of Ke$ha and you have an idea. Following the aggressive electro beats of Static Revenger, Kay flows rough and smooth over the changing tempo – going double-time and slowing down to show her range. Even more impressive is her modern take on feminism, in this hip-hop dominated world where women are often portrayed as strippers to make a dollar, her line is “Rubber bands ain’t sh*t to me.” Listening closely to the lyrics, you can tell that she follows her motto to “Say What You Want.” Kind of refreshing, ain’t it… If you are one of the many millions who made Static Revenger’s collab with Richard Vission and Luciana “I Like That” their ringtone, here’s another one for you. I can already see the drag queens fighting to perform this at clubs around the country.

Image courtesy of Dim Mak.