Notable Dance Podcast #065

Notable Dance Podcast #065 by Notable Dance on Mixcloud

Chris Malinchak ft Mikky Ekko – Stranger
Route 94 ft Jess Glynne – My Love (Bender Remix)
Oliver $, Jimi Jules – Pushing On
Zinc – Show Me (KiNK Beat Remix)
Leonardo GloVibes ft Juiceppe – Electrica Salsa
Alex Metric – Hope
Nile Rodgers – Do What You Wanna Do (Chocolate Puma Remix)
Harry Romero – Tania (Riva Starr Remix)
Eric Prydz – Liberate
Lush & Simon – Hunter
Dash Berlin & Jay Cosmic ft Collin McLoughlin – Here Tonight
TS7 ft Yaz Nikks – Give Me a Sign (Garage Mix)
Harold van Lennep – Liberation

(Picture of Leonardo Glovibes taken at Winter Music Conference 2014.)

INTERVIEW: Oliver (2013)

When two guys named Oliver Goldstein and Vaughn Oliver began working together, the group name Oliver made simple, elegant sense. SInce then, the duo have taken a unique path, mixing electronic and nudisco for indie imprint Fools Gold. Listening to their tracks, their musicality is obvious – they aren’t DJs making beats, but musicians and songwriters who elevate the genre to a new level. So it comes as no surprise that they have written and produced songs with Chromeo, Katy Perry, and Bonnie McKee. We recently caught up with Oliver when they were opening for Zedd with Alex Metric in Nashville.

RS: How did the two of you meet up?
Oliver Goldstein: We met through mutual friends. Vaughn was working at a studio in Los Angeles doing some stuff for Atlantic Records, and I was also working with them as well. We were introduced during a session, in LA everyone piles into a room and writes and works together. We played some music for each other and just hit it off; we had the same influences and became friends really quickly.
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INTERVIEW: Alex Metric (2013)

With a plethora of productions and left field remixes,?Alex Metric?s creativity is as vivid as his vibrant personality.??He?s the bloke who can make cool synth-pop, disco house, electro, or progressive and determine which is the right sound for the song as well as what he is feeling.??It is that emotion which he brings to his massive single ?Safe With You,? as well as to his brilliantly executed DJ sets (whether they be primetime bangers or discofied progressive opening sets).?Chatting with him before he opened for Zedd in Nashville, I felt like I had found a doppelganger who uses music to express emotions, with such a wide variety of musical experiences that he is never at a lack for the optimal sound.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: How did you meet up with Stuart Price?
Alex Metric: I met up with Stuart through a mutual friend called Starsmith. Fin had worked with Stuart on the Kylie Minogue album and he knew that I was a fan of his. Stuart actually wanted to start DJing again, so he asked Fin if he could come out to the club with us one night.??Stuart hadn?t really been to a nightclub in a while because he was producing pop music for years and years. Stuart knew of my music, so Fin told him that he should meet me and we went out to dinner and had some drinks. The first time I meet Stuart, who is kind of my musical hero, he came to watch me DJ which was a scary experience. The funny thing about the gig was that it was the first time that I played my remix of The Whip ? ?Secret Weapon? and with that remix my aim was to do LCD Soundsystem meets Stuart Price. As soon as I played it I felt a tap on my shoulder and Stuart asked me ?what?s this record?? It was so weird because I had deliberately tried to channel Stuart on this record and he came up and asked me about it. We had a great night and we stayed friends. A couple weeks later I decided to eMail Stuart because it?s always been one of my aims to work with him, and if you don?t fucking ask you don?t get. So I eMailed him and told him that if he ever wanted to get in the studio we should totally do it. He was like ?yeah that sounds like fun let?s do it,? and a week later we were in the studio doing ?Safe With You.?

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