Borgore Interview 2014

This is one of those rare interviews where I just felt nervous. Just as Skrillex moved from a metal/hardcore band to producing dubstep, Borgore has followed a similar path. The big difference is the persona/character Borgore plays. When you listen to his music and watch his videos, the sexual debauchery is epic. The question: is that really Borgore in real life, or is it a satirical character ? la Borat? Talking to Borgore, he is surprisingly down to earth and quite lively, nothing like the party ringleader he plays during his live shows. His new album #NewGoreOrder released this week sees him stepping out side the realms of dubstep and exploring the realms of trap and electro while keeping his unique sound front and center.

Interview conducted May 2014. Produced in conjunction with Fusion TV..

INTERVIEW: Doctor P (2013)

DJ, prankster, and label head Doctor P wears a lot of hats. Although he is not known (yet) by the mainstream, his following is huge and loyal, as evidenced by a sold out club (on a?Thursday)?in Nashville, Tennessee.? Originally released on his own Circus records, his recent EP was picked up by legendary dance label Big Beat who brought his sound to the US where it was devoured.? His track “Galaxies & Stars” is a good intro, but you really should dig further in and experience the way his creative mind takes dubstep to places it’s never really been before.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: When you made ?Galaxies & Stars,? were you trying to channel Blondie?s ?Rapture??
Doctor P: Yeah, I am a massive Blondie and KRS-One fan. I have always loved what KRS-One did with the song (on “Step into a World”), so I tried to do that and take some of the original and give it my own spin as well. I didn?t get any percentage of that track, Debbie Harry got everything and she wouldn?t back down. We were going back and forth for ages and I finally just let her have it, she wrote the melody so I suppose it?s fine.
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INTERVIEW: Kerli (2013)

Kerli isn’t an artist, she is a force of nature.? The Estonian pop princess recently released her Utopia EP where she leaves behind the darkness and enters the light with a set of uplifting dancefloor gems.? Her songs “Zero Gravity” and “The Lucky Ones” received massive club play for good reason – engaging lyrics sung with emotion over energetic beats.? With her moon children following her, she brings love and energy wherever she goes.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: Congratulations on being #1 with ?The Lucky Ones.? This is your second time, how does it feel to be so embraced by the club community?
Kerli: Thank you. It feels good but it is not about the charts, it’s about the music and the people.
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