SONG OF THE DAY:? Andreas Rodlund & Matt Hewie ft Jonny Rose – “All We Have”

A DJ friend of mine was messing with me last week.? He was all excited about this “All We Have” track, so he sent me a listening link.? The track, from Swedish producers Andreas Rodlund and Matt Hewie, is a well-produced pop-leaning electro track – starting off relatively soft and building up until a big breakdown to a simple (but pretty) keyboard line before slamming back with hard electro. Sure, there is a cheesy synth in the mix and the ubiquitous dubstep breakdown, yet it was a good track but I couldn’t see why my friend was getting so excited about it. When I called back, he laughed at me and said, oops, forgot to mention the vocal version. What a difference a topline makes!? The song about living in the moment and appreciating the present elevated it from sounding like a typical Beatport track to something much more special.? Jonny Rose’s vocal performance is emotional and adds depth to the song with an expressiveness rarely heard on dance records.?? I have a feeling that “All We Have” would sound as great on the radio as it does in the clubs.

Image Courtesy of Southside Recordings.