SONG OF THE DAY: Paul Oakenfold ft Azealia Banks – “Venus”

Pair one of the most respected and legendary dance music producers with one of most promising and buzzworthy vocalists and the results can go in many directions.? Paul Oakenfold is busy finishing up his forthcoming Pop Killer album, which is rumored to feature collaborations with everyone from Red Hot Chili Peppers and One Republic to Gnarls Barkley and B.O.B, so the idea of pairing him with Azaelia Banks is kind of inspired.? Produced by Richard Benyon, the track is fairly typical festival (and radio) friendly stadium house which comes alive with the multiple personalities of Azealia. Her elevated French lyrics (flashback to “1991”) flow into a melodic singing part and a tough (but not too aggressive) rap flow. “Venus” is easily the most accessible song Azealia has done in the two years since her buzzy breakthrough “212,” as her voice sounds fully-realized as opposed to the rushed, ratchet feeling of some of her tracks in the interim.? Seeing as the big-named dance producer and hip-hop artist tracks often lose a lot in translation, “Venus” is one time where a seemingly odd mismatch brings both collaborators to a higher place.

Image courtesy of Warner Brothers.