SONG OF THE DAY: dBerrie – “Decibel”

If you like your beats hard and aggressive, you would do well to check out “Decibel,” the new track from dBerrie.? Following up “Zenith” and “Malfunction,” this stomping big room electro track adds a retro-techno sample towards the end that will take you back to the days of warehouse raves.? The MC hype vocals are used effectively and sparingly with the numerous buildups being deployed perfectly for crowd reaction.? One highlight is that the dropouts aren’t completely silent and have a beat going through them most of the way so that dancers aren’t tempted to run off the dance floor.? The track also stands out from a lot of the by-the-numbers electro tracks as I put this in my mixshow last weekend and several people commented on it. After you snag the free download of “Decibel” off Soundcloud, be sure to stop by Beatport and pick up dBerrie’s sick remix of Imagine Dragon’s “Radioactive.”?

Image Courtesy of dBerrie.