SONG OF THE DAY: Tensnake ft Nile Rodgers and Fiora – “Love Sublime”

If you are looking for a big room electro jam, this isn’t for you.? If you are in the mood for a sexy, groovy, and soulful dance pop jam, then “Love Sublime” may just be up your alley.? Tensnake catapulted from the underground- well, slowly rose is a more apt description, on the strength of his well respected leftfield disco productions as well as his buzz record “Comacat” that grew to become a cult record. Teaming up with Nile Rodgers must have been a dream come true for him, and the results capture that magic. “Love Sublime” is neither a disco record nor an ’80s R&B dance record, It’s a timeless soulful dance record that sounds like it could have been on the Breakin’ soundtrack just as well as an 808 State EP.? If you listen closely and dissect it, you will hear so many elements all going at the same time, yet there is a seamless simplicity and raw groove that makes it feel so smooth.? Listening to the vocals of Fiora, I am wondering if it is the same singer from the Armada camp who sang on “Take Me Away/Grand Finale” with Arty and “Waiting for the Night” with Armin van Buuren, just because she sounds so different singing in a new range and style of EDM. Remixers Le Youth, Duke Dumont, and Ewan Pearson couldn’t have been more perfectly chosen. If perchance you missed it, dig up Tensnake’s last single with Fiora “See Right Through,” as we await his forthcoming Glow album.

Image Courtesy of Virgin.

Tensnake ft Nile Rodgers and Fiora – “Love Sublime”

SONG OF THE DAY: Pet Shop Boys ft Example – “Thursday”

It must be a strange when you can make tracks similar in sound to what you were making twenty years ago and have them be completely current-sounding.? On the fourth single from their masterpiece album ‘Electric,’ The Pet Shop Boys sing about “Thursday” as the start of the weekend in the way that only they can.? It has all the classic synth sounds you would expect, yet sounds modern (like, say, a Disclosure track). The addition of a rap by Example is brilliant on many levels – not only does his sound match the PSB aesthetic, but the meaningful verse elevates the song to a higher level rather than just the normal rapper of the moment bragging about bling and bitches, as seems to be the status quo.?? A plethora of remixes from credible (Eddie Amador, Tensnake) to commercial (Aidan Bega, JRMX, & Jon M) make the song fit just about any DJ’s setlist.

Image Courtesy of X2 Records.