SONG OF THE DAY: Le Youth ft Dominique Young Unique – “Dance With Me”

Last year, producer Le Youth released “C.O.O.L,” a chilled, downtempo house record based on the r&b song “Me & U” by Cassie.? The vibe was so different and refreshing that it became quite a big buzz record.? He simply has a knack for reimagining r&b sounds – reworking the lyrics to become something totally different and fresh.? For “Dance With Me,” he takes snippets of vocals from TLC “No Scrubs,” slows them down to sound masculine, and rebuilds a new verse structure with them.? The effect is? hypnotic, as the first time you listen, the song sounds so familiar but you just can’t seem to place it.? The original version has been up for a while on his Soundcloud, so when I heard there was new version with a rap from Dominique Young Unique, it struck me as odd.? Luckily, the rapper, who is currently riding high in the UK charts with “Earthquake,” felt the vibe and really flowed well with the groove.? In case you are wondering what a current pop song would sound like with a Le Youth remix, check out his brilliant- yet unrecognizable-? take on Foxes “Youth.”

Image Courtesy of Sony.