SONG OF THE DAY: Trevor Simpson ft Keznamdi – Watching You

When different genres collide, interesting collaboration arise. Listening to Keznamdi’s music, you hear his Jamaican/reggae roots as he sings over guitar-based tracks. This vibe, combined with the commercial electro sounds of respected mixshow DJ/producer Trevor Simpson makes “Watching You” stand out from the rest. The uplifting lyrics about a higher spirit watching and encouraging you to be a good person is a pleasant change from the party-centered focus of most EDM tracks. After a set of tracks about bouncing, this kind of thoughtful inspiration is a pleasant change. The original version is electro, with the Jamie Stewart and Pink Panda mixes making it even more festival-friendly. Drum and bass heads will rejoice for the slamming Lokey Crash interpretation. Eddie Amador embraces an old school house vibe, channeling Brothers in Rhythm and taking you on a journey – either short for 9 minutes or long for 11 minutes. Peter Brown splits the difference with an old school bassline buoyed by modern production. While not the most club-friendly interpretation, the beloved tiara girl Julissa Veloz explores lounge, piano house, live drums, and different synth lines for a creative mix unlike anything we’ve heard in a long time. All-in-all, it’s a solid set of diverse remixes that translate a creative collaboration to a variety of dance floors.

Image courtesy of Carrillo music.

SONG OF THE DAY: Pet Shop Boys ft Example – “Thursday”

It must be a strange when you can make tracks similar in sound to what you were making twenty years ago and have them be completely current-sounding.? On the fourth single from their masterpiece album ‘Electric,’ The Pet Shop Boys sing about “Thursday” as the start of the weekend in the way that only they can.? It has all the classic synth sounds you would expect, yet sounds modern (like, say, a Disclosure track). The addition of a rap by Example is brilliant on many levels – not only does his sound match the PSB aesthetic, but the meaningful verse elevates the song to a higher level rather than just the normal rapper of the moment bragging about bling and bitches, as seems to be the status quo.?? A plethora of remixes from credible (Eddie Amador, Tensnake) to commercial (Aidan Bega, JRMX, & Jon M) make the song fit just about any DJ’s setlist.

Image Courtesy of X2 Records.