INTERVIEW: Duane Harden Interview 2014 #NB4U

Nearly 15 years since the release of his first single, the classic “U Don’t Know Me” with Armand Van Helden, Duane Harden finally releases his debut solo album #NB4U (Naked Before You). In the time elapsed, he has grown into many roles – singer, songwriter, producer, label mogul, author – all of which has contributed to his current release.  The album features collaborations with everyone from Ferry Corsten, Sidney Samson, and Louie Vega to Bimbo Jones, Jessica Sutta, and Chris Willis.  There is truly something for everyone on the album.  This kind of diversity of talent is not a surprise, if you take a moment and search for Duane on, it might blow you away to see how many incredible records he has been involved with over the years.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: Let’s start with something I’ve been wondering about.  How did the Chicane “One More Time” collaboration come about?
Duane Harden: Chicane sent me a message and it was the usual process from there. I think he may have gotten the idea from Ferry Corsten because they work together a lot and I did the Ferry Corsten track “Love Will.” It was my first dive into that genre of music, so maybe he thought it would be a cool idea to do a track with an underground, soulful dance artist.
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Notable Dance Podcast #041

Gorgon City – Ready For Your Love
Pirupa & Nice7 – The King
Kim Fai – The Phantom
Lindell & Vuonnala – Roughleg
Mantrastic – Felina
Ivan Gough, Walden, Jebu ft Penelope Austin – Home (Stefan Dabruck)
Starkillers & INpetto – Game Over
Bjorn Akesson – Slam
Cosmic Gate – So Get Up (Pelari)
Ferry Corsten ft Jenny Wahlstrom – Many Ways (Jacob van Hage)
Armin van Buuren – Save My Night
Pierce Fulton & Polina – Where We Were
tydi & Kerli – Stardust

Notable Dance Podcast #041

INTERVIEW: Christian Burns (ADE 2013)

With the release of  Simple Modern Answers, Christian Burns has collaborated with many of EDM’s top producers – Armin van Buuren, Jean Claude Ades, Paul Oakenfold, Paul van Dyk, and Ferry Corsten – just to name a few. It feels like a natural progression for the singer of the band BBMak who went on to be in a rock band before Tiesto discovered him on Myspace and asked him to collaborate on some tracks.  The resulting “In the Dark” set him on this new path, and he has since worked with the likes of Benny Benassi, Richard Durand and BT.  With this album, he has created a cohesive musical statement showcasing his vocal and songwriting skills while bringing his powerful spirit to brilliant EDM tracks.

RS: So I listened to your album today and the first thing that struck me, aside from how great you are vocally, is that you have so many amazing producers on it. A lot of times producers will want you to sing on their track but they won’t give vocalists a track to work with. How did you swing getting so much top flight talent?
Christian Burns: I think it’s just the British charm. It’s great to work with so many great producers, and I do understand what you are saying. I think they just like to work with me and it was really flattering and amazing that I got so many great producers and DJs on the album.
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