SONG OF THE DAY: tyDi & Kerli – “Stardust” (FREE DOWNLOAD)

What a great holiday gift! Fans of tyDi and Kerli have enjoyed their previous two releases “Something About You” and “Glow in the Dark,” and while the two were writing together over a live videostream, they created “Stardust” as a message to their fans. “Stardust” is similar in feel and tone to “Glow in the Dark,” with the subtly mellow and progressive house track melding with Kerli’s lyrics about love and empowerment. Of particular note are the choral background vocal effects which take Kerli’s voice and transform it into an almost surreal and beautiful ghostly melody. A dub with just those pieces over an ethereal trance track would be quite amazing. The lyrics are a continuation of the story of “Zero Gravity,” and that is definitely not a bad thing, especially at this time of the year. Fans have been asking the duo when this song would be released, so the two decided to give it away as a holiday gift. Download it for free by clicking the Soundcloud link below.

tyDi & Kerli – “Stardust”