INTERVIEW: Duane Harden Interview 2014 #NB4U

Nearly 15 years since the release of his first single, the classic ?U Don?t Know Me? with Armand Van Helden, Duane Harden finally releases his debut solo album #NB4U (Naked Before You). In the time elapsed, he has grown into many roles ? singer, songwriter, producer, label mogul, author ? all of which has contributed to his current release.? The album features collaborations with everyone from Ferry Corsten, Sidney Samson, and Louie Vega to Bimbo Jones, Jessica Sutta, and Chris Willis.? There is truly something for everyone on the album.? This kind of diversity of talent is not a surprise, if you take a moment and search for Duane on, it might blow you away to see how many incredible records he has been involved with over the years.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: Let?s start with something I?ve been wondering about.? How did the Chicane ?One More Time? collaboration come about?
Duane Harden: Chicane sent me a message and it was the usual process from there. I think he may have gotten the idea from Ferry Corsten because they work together a lot and I did the Ferry Corsten track ?Love Will.? It was my first dive into that genre of music, so maybe he thought it would be a cool idea to do a track with an underground, soulful dance artist.
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MASHUP DOWNLOAD: Showtek vs Fatboy Slim – Booyah Rave Repeat (Mobin Master vs Tate Strauss Mashup)

Everyone loves a good mashup, and this might be one that goes viral.? Combining two of the year’s biggest tracks, Showtek ft We Are Loud & Sonny Wilson’s “Booyah” with Fatboy Slim, Riva Starr & Beartdyman’s “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat” was a genius move.? Leave it to the Aussie producers Mobin Master and Tate Strauss to seamlessly blend them together and prove to the world there is more than just Bounce coming from down under.?? If you are a DJ looking to add this to your sets, you’re in luck as it’s a free download from their Soundcloud page.

Showtek vs Fatboy Slim – Booyah Rave Repeat (Mobin Master vs Tate Strauss Mashup)