SONG OF THE DAY: Cosmic Gate – “So Get Up”

Surprised.? That was my honest reaction when I heard this new track from Cosmic Gate, because when I think of the German duo, what comes to mind is gorgeous and lush, epic trance.?? You will recognize the vocal parts of “So Get Up” immediately, as it is an update of the Underground Sound of Lisbon classic.? The track is the kind of aggressive electro that goes over massive at festivals and big room clubs.? It feels like a complete departure from the singles of their last album – “Wake Your Mind,” “Calm Down,” and “Be Your Sound,”? but when you listen to it next to their recent track “Storm Chaser” it feels like the next track in the progression to a harder sound.? It’s just an example of why they’ve lasted nearly 15 years in the EDM world while others have come and gone, they are able to adjust to the environment but keep their signature vibe in place.? “So Get Up” also marks the launch of their new label Wake Your Mind, which is being distributed through Armada Music.?

Image courtesy of Wake Your Mind / Armada.