Borgore Interview 2014

This is one of those rare interviews where I just felt nervous. Just as Skrillex moved from a metal/hardcore band to producing dubstep, Borgore has followed a similar path. The big difference is the persona/character Borgore plays. When you listen to his music and watch his videos, the sexual debauchery is epic. The question: is that really Borgore in real life, or is it a satirical character ? la Borat? Talking to Borgore, he is surprisingly down to earth and quite lively, nothing like the party ringleader he plays during his live shows. His new album #NewGoreOrder released this week sees him stepping out side the realms of dubstep and exploring the realms of trap and electro while keeping his unique sound front and center.

Interview conducted May 2014. Produced in conjunction with Fusion TV..

Fresh Picks – Friday, May 16th

Some new videos to check out from:
Dave Aude ft Andy Bell – Aftermath
Umek ft Jay Colin – Burnfire
Klangkarussel – Netzwerk (Feel Like Rain)
DJ Antoine – Light It Up
Cosmic Gate – Falling Back
Rupaul – Sissy That Walk
Steve Aoki ft Waka Flocka Flame – Rage the Night Away
Ariana Castelli – Love is Love
Borgore & Sikdope – Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse
Michael Woods – Flash Hands
The Muppets – The Muppet Show Theme (Shy Kidx Remix)
Cleavage & Lars Vegas – Grace
Teen Flirt – Welcome Home


Producer, artist, and tech guru Brian Transeau stands alone as one of the most unique visionaries in the electronic dance music world. Spanning nearly twenty years, his music has reached the worlds of clubs, radio, TV, movies, and video games.? His new album A Song Across Wires is probably his most accessible to date, inspired by the current sounds of electronic dance music as filtered through his creative mind and rendered by his futuristic production techniques.

Ron Slomowicz: I have listened to your new album a couple of different times and it feels like I am at a festival, hearing all the big records at once – but really well-produced.
Brian Transeau (BT): Awesome, I really love hearing that. Honestly, it is the first time in years that I have been really inspired by dance music and I feel like this record is one that my fans have wanted me to make for years and I just wasn?t ready to. In this moment, I am deeply inspired by what is actually happening in dance music. It feels so good to hear that, I feel the same way and I can?t wait to share this record with my fans and peers.
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