Producer, artist, and tech guru Brian Transeau stands alone as one of the most unique visionaries in the electronic dance music world. Spanning nearly twenty years, his music has reached the worlds of clubs, radio, TV, movies, and video games.? His new album A Song Across Wires is probably his most accessible to date, inspired by the current sounds of electronic dance music as filtered through his creative mind and rendered by his futuristic production techniques.

Ron Slomowicz: I have listened to your new album a couple of different times and it feels like I am at a festival, hearing all the big records at once – but really well-produced.
Brian Transeau (BT): Awesome, I really love hearing that. Honestly, it is the first time in years that I have been really inspired by dance music and I feel like this record is one that my fans have wanted me to make for years and I just wasn?t ready to. In this moment, I am deeply inspired by what is actually happening in dance music. It feels so good to hear that, I feel the same way and I can?t wait to share this record with my fans and peers.
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SONG OF THE DAY: Morgan Page & Nadia Ali – “Carry Me (Remixes)”

Almost a year later, and Morgan Page’s album In the Air continues to spawn strong single releases. On original review, we referred to “Carry Me” as a standout from the album. Deeply melodic and filled with emotional tension, “Carry Me” gives us Page at his most effective, working with a stellar vocalist who knows how to write an excellent dancefloor ballad. That brilliant balance of pretty, pop, and progressive made it the perfect material for club remixes. For the stadium/progressive lovers, Nilson & the 8th Note keep a lot of the original feel and heighten the drama with the vocals laying over a subtle bed which rises to a hands in the air crescendo. If you like it harder or more electro with a touch of glitch, rising Dutch mastermind Dyro turns out a floor filling prime time monster. These two remixes just prove that when you start with such a strong song, the remixes are going to be strong as well.

Image Courtesy of Nettwerk.