Borgore Interview 2014

This is one of those rare interviews where I just felt nervous. Just as Skrillex moved from a metal/hardcore band to producing dubstep, Borgore has followed a similar path. The big difference is the persona/character Borgore plays. When you listen to his music and watch his videos, the sexual debauchery is epic. The question: is that really Borgore in real life, or is it a satirical character ? la Borat? Talking to Borgore, he is surprisingly down to earth and quite lively, nothing like the party ringleader he plays during his live shows. His new album #NewGoreOrder released this week sees him stepping out side the realms of dubstep and exploring the realms of trap and electro while keeping his unique sound front and center.

Interview conducted May 2014. Produced in conjunction with Fusion TV..

SONG OF THE DAY: Anna Lunoe – All Out

With the song “Breathe,” Anna Lunoe caught our attention with the way she effortlessly blended genres, sounds, and effects for a modern take on retro grooves. On “All Out,” she takes similar elements, 2-step garage undertones, and lush Enigma-like background vocals to craft a pop song which sounds like what Sia would have written for an ’80s-era Madonna song. While a song might have a key change with the last chorus to raise the emotion, there’s a complete beat structure change which is so subtle yet defined that it has the same effect. Something about her music and voice is reminiscent of Ayah Marar, and a collaboration of the two would most likely yield magical results. Since “All Out’ doesn’t come out until July, after getting your pop fill jump over and check out her collaboration with Skrillex, “Bass Drum Dealer,” for a free download that will bang you out with a mix of retro rave/techno and breakbeats.

Image courtesy of Ultra.

SONG OF THE DAY: David Heartbreak ft Leftside – Rebel

If you haven’t heard yet about David Heartbreak, you soon will. Mixing dubstep and reggae, the producer has constructed a unique sound that is fresh yet familiar. On his new track “Rebel,” you can hear the influence of Skrillex and Diplo as well as a profoundly strong ragga influence. Leftside’s vocals are chopped and spliced with such pristine severity that it feels like he is channeling BT doing nano/stutter edits circa “Somnambulist.” The track is being labelled as “future dub,” so it’s only a matter of time until there is a MOS compilation called “Best of Future Dub” as well a track popping out featuring Lil’ Jon or Pitbull.

Image courtesy of OWSLA.