Producer, artist, and tech guru Brian Transeau stands alone as one of the most unique visionaries in the electronic dance music world. Spanning nearly twenty years, his music has reached the worlds of clubs, radio, TV, movies, and video games.? His new album A Song Across Wires is probably his most accessible to date, inspired by the current sounds of electronic dance music as filtered through his creative mind and rendered by his futuristic production techniques.

Ron Slomowicz: I have listened to your new album a couple of different times and it feels like I am at a festival, hearing all the big records at once – but really well-produced.
Brian Transeau (BT): Awesome, I really love hearing that. Honestly, it is the first time in years that I have been really inspired by dance music and I feel like this record is one that my fans have wanted me to make for years and I just wasn?t ready to. In this moment, I am deeply inspired by what is actually happening in dance music. It feels so good to hear that, I feel the same way and I can?t wait to share this record with my fans and peers.
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INTERVIEW: Frankmusik (2013)

Back in the ?80s, the TV show Dallas decided that a whole season had been bad for the overall storyline, so they wrote it off as an extended dream sequence.? That’s what we intend to do with? Frankmusik?s second album ?Do It In the AM,? since his new music (?Maps,? “Chasing Shadows”) is such an excellent return to the form of his landmark debut, ?Complete Me.?? Moving away from Los Angeles, a major record label, and a fianc?e brought piano prodigy Frankmusik back to his senses and the wonderful electronic dance pop music that we all fell in love with him for originally.? Now flying solo, or as he calls it, free, he is in control of his own destiny and has embarked on a US tour where his group is camping between cities and really seeing the states like never before.? We anxiously await to see how this journey will inspire his upcoming musical compositions.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: Have you played in Nashville before?
Frankmusik: No, I have never been to Nashville or anywhere near this place.

RS: But you have toured the US before?
Frankmusik: Yeah, but we never managed to get to the Music City, we are glad to be here now though.
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Most of us were introduced to Jes as the singer of Motorcycle’s “As the Rush Comes.” In the past few years, she has worked with some of electronica’s finest ? Tiesto, BT, Paul Oakenfold, Ferry Corsten, Robbie Rivera? ? and with her distinctive voice, incredible songwriting, and emotionally powerful performances she has managed to set herself apart as a true artist.?? In addition to singing and writing, she also DJs live and does a weekly radio show (complete with special TaxiGirl mashups). ?Watch out for a new artist album from her later this year, along with several big time collaborations.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: You work with so many great producers, how do you meet everyone?
Jes: I think that when you have a bit of a track record you meet a lot of people and it is just about connecting with the ones that you have a spark with. I have been very lucky; I go to a lot of conventions and do a lot of shows. I just came back from Taiwan and I was in India for the first time, ?I do a lot of amazing shows with all the people that you would want to meet; you just need go right for them and meet them while you?re there.
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