Producer, artist, and tech guru Brian Transeau stands alone as one of the most unique visionaries in the electronic dance music world. Spanning nearly twenty years, his music has reached the worlds of clubs, radio, TV, movies, and video games.? His new album A Song Across Wires is probably his most accessible to date, inspired by the current sounds of electronic dance music as filtered through his creative mind and rendered by his futuristic production techniques.

Ron Slomowicz: I have listened to your new album a couple of different times and it feels like I am at a festival, hearing all the big records at once – but really well-produced.
Brian Transeau (BT): Awesome, I really love hearing that. Honestly, it is the first time in years that I have been really inspired by dance music and I feel like this record is one that my fans have wanted me to make for years and I just wasn?t ready to. In this moment, I am deeply inspired by what is actually happening in dance music. It feels so good to hear that, I feel the same way and I can?t wait to share this record with my fans and peers.
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Notable Dance Podcast #021

Gero ft Kullai Timi – Turn Around (Marcus Jakes)
Wookie ft Eliza Doolittle – The Hype
JW & Tom Harwood – Tommy Sax (Greg Stainer)
My Digital Enemy & Jerome Robbins – Feel Good
Mat Zo ft Chuck D – Pyramid Scheme
Maison and Dragen – Colossuem (Original)
Sick Individuals – Drum Machine
Nick Skitz and Amba Shepherd – Get Your Gun (Rave Mix)
Candyland & Big Chocolate – Its a Shark (FTampa Remix)
Sunset & Solid Skill – Alive (Spark 7)
BT & Aqualung – Surrounded (Super 8 and Tab)
Rivaz and Benny Benassi ft Heather Bright – Tell Me Twice (Bright Lights)
Tiesto ft Kyler England – Take Me (Bassinvader)

SONG OF THE DAY: BT and Aqualung – “Surrounded”

Have y’all noticed the pattern where producers alternate releases between big room club bangers and more commercial-oriented vocal songs? Of course Brian Transeau has his own unique spin, as he often does, with singles from his forthcoming ‘A Sound Across Wires” album – alternating between instrumental, somber electronic tracks (“Vervoeren,” “Skylarking”) and more commercial-friendly, vocal pop-leaning songs like “Must Be the One” and the new single “Surrounded.” Enlisting the vocal help of British singer/songwriter Aqualung (aka Matt Hayles), the song has an accessible feel with an emotional verse and chorus without veering into cheesy pop. If you are a fan of Armin van Buuren’s “This is What It Feels Like,” or Arty’s “Together We Are,” then “Surrounded” should definitely be on your to-buy list. Like other tracks from ‘A Sound Across Wires,’ you can hear the influences of big room festival sounds reinterpreted by BT with his trademark pristine and exceptional production. If you listen to “Surrounded” and “Vervoeren” back to back, you can hear some of those ideas reinterpreted, along with elements you might expect from a Madeon or Zedd track. Though all the the remixes keep the vibe of the original, they each have a unique flavor that blends two different sound – big room trance and electro (Super8 and Tab), ’80s synth-pop and two-step (Tony Awake), and elements of Zedd and Arty (MK Kirin). “Surrounded” maybe not grab you on first listen, but it is definitely a grower that improves with each listen.

Images courtesy of Armada.