SONG OF THE DAY: Lady Gaga – “Burqa”?

While singing about the full body covering of Muslim women might be construed as shock tactics, if you listen to the lyrics of Lady Gaga’s leaked single “Burqa” you will realize that it’s quite a personal analogy.? Starting with a surf/guitar rock intro leading into electro dance-pop, the song compares the traditional hiding of awrah (intimate parts of the body) under the burqa (full body covering) with the attempt of maintaining a personal life in the midst of global fame.? While the intermittent usage of the words dance, sex, art, and pop as a chant cheapens it a bit, they seem to be more like twitter hashtags or digital noise. To those who see this as another reductive impersonation of Madonna, they might say it’s just a mashup of “Justify My Love” and “Like a Prayer” sharpened with more lyrical pelvic thrusts.? As a leaked demo of what will no doubt be an album track from ‘ARTPOP,’ it shows the Gaga is going to further than she did with “Judas” and really cross cultural boundaries.? Let’s see if “Applause” will live up to expectations when it’s released later this month.

INTERVIEW: Bimbo Jones (2013)

Bimbo Jones, the team of Lee Dagger and Marc JB, are probably best known for their consistent output of top flight vocal remixes for artists like Lady Gaga, Pink, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson, and Kylie Minogue.? What you might not know is that the two started as songwriters and producers signed to 19 Management. ? In addition to their remixes, they are launching three record labels with a new artist album set for release.? I caught up with them during Amsterdam Dance Event to catch up with them about all they have going on.
RS: Congratulations on the Kristine W record, how did that come about?
Lee Dagger: It came about last year when we finally got to meet Kristine in Miami. Marc and I had wanted to meet her for years. We have always been a big fan of ?Feel What You Want? from back in the day, which is an amazing house record. When we met her, she invited us to go stay at her ranch any time. ?I was shocked and when we took a trip to the states, we went and stayed on the ranch. Marc and I took one of our tracks that we were really passionate about that had a real strong backing track and sat down and wrote it with her. It was an amazing experience and we gelled really well together. She is a great girl.
Marc JB: She is very talented; she is not just the dance artist that you see in all the PR. She is an accomplished jazz vocalist and saxophonist, a very technical, clever and creative girl.
Lee Dagger: Yeah, she is great on the sax.
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INTERVIEW: DJs From Mars (2013)

Italian producer/DJs DJs from Mars, the duo of Max Aqualuce and Luca Ventafunk,? are quite hard to pin down.? Pure pranksters at heart, they are difficult to spot in a crowd because they don’t reveal their identity, choosing instead to wear boxes over their heads (inspired by their first single, “Who Gives A Fuck About Deejays”). It took some effort to find them, but with a bit of effort and a little luck, I interviewed them at the Amsterdam Dance Event and can honestly say that the infectious energy and humor of their tracks and videos are true reflections of their animated personalities.

RS:How did you two guys meet up?
Max Aqualuce: We met at a recording studio about ten years ago, and in 2004 we started the project “Djs From Mars? as producers. A couple years ago we started with the bootlegs and continued that for years; right now, we are trying to focus mostly on production.

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