SONG OF THE DAY: Kim Sozzi – Never Say Goodnight

In the world of dance-pop,? the focus is often on the producer and the artist.? Kim Sozzi is one of the few singers who commands our attention with a decade-long string of hit singles and the incredibly strong and dynamic voice that is uniquely hers.? Back for 2014, “Never Say Goodnight” feels modern and classic at the same time.? The lyrical story of learning from the past while hoping for a better future together is a universal theme that everyone can relate to.? You can imagine High School girls singing it in Vines and Instagram videos, but it’s doubtful they will be able to match the powerful, breathy and, dare I say, sexy voice of Kim.??? The two mixes by Jason Nevins and Baggi Begovic are somewhat similar with the current Zedd/Audien hybrid progressive pop sound.? The main difference is Jason’s mix starts off slower and builds into the chorus, while Baggi’s is chugging from the beginning.? Either one will sound great on dance radio and it’s easy to imagine it will become a theme for reunions, homecoming dances, and proms all next year.

Side note: Kim is posting a lot of Behind the Scenes clips onto her YouTube channel?from her video shoots and even from her lost years in Germany as Kim Styles. They are definitely worth checking out.

Image courtesy of Nervous records.

INTERVIEW: DJs From Mars (2013)

Italian producer/DJs DJs from Mars, the duo of Max Aqualuce and Luca Ventafunk,? are quite hard to pin down.? Pure pranksters at heart, they are difficult to spot in a crowd because they don’t reveal their identity, choosing instead to wear boxes over their heads (inspired by their first single, “Who Gives A Fuck About Deejays”). It took some effort to find them, but with a bit of effort and a little luck, I interviewed them at the Amsterdam Dance Event and can honestly say that the infectious energy and humor of their tracks and videos are true reflections of their animated personalities.

RS:How did you two guys meet up?
Max Aqualuce: We met at a recording studio about ten years ago, and in 2004 we started the project “Djs From Mars? as producers. A couple years ago we started with the bootlegs and continued that for years; right now, we are trying to focus mostly on production.

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