SONG OF THE DAY: Lady Gaga – “Burqa”?

While singing about the full body covering of Muslim women might be construed as shock tactics, if you listen to the lyrics of Lady Gaga’s leaked single “Burqa” you will realize that it’s quite a personal analogy.? Starting with a surf/guitar rock intro leading into electro dance-pop, the song compares the traditional hiding of awrah (intimate parts of the body) under the burqa (full body covering) with the attempt of maintaining a personal life in the midst of global fame.? While the intermittent usage of the words dance, sex, art, and pop as a chant cheapens it a bit, they seem to be more like twitter hashtags or digital noise. To those who see this as another reductive impersonation of Madonna, they might say it’s just a mashup of “Justify My Love” and “Like a Prayer” sharpened with more lyrical pelvic thrusts.? As a leaked demo of what will no doubt be an album track from ‘ARTPOP,’ it shows the Gaga is going to further than she did with “Judas” and really cross cultural boundaries.? Let’s see if “Applause” will live up to expectations when it’s released later this month.