SONG OF THE DAY: Patrick Hagenaar – Come Closer

Yeah, I’ve been on the Hagenaar train for a while – going back to his work with Albrecht up through his solo tracks like “You Got Me Glowing (In The Dark).” 2014 is shaping up to be his big year with two brilliant releases on his own Colour Code label (“Tears of Gold” and “Stars”) and remixes for Kylie Minogue, Route 94, Kiesza, and Second City that appeal to both underground and commercial DJs. “Come Closer (Not Too Close)” might be the one that crosses him over. The progressive house track has a euphoric pop feel and effected rave-like vocals repeating “Come Closer” and “Feel For You.” It’s easy to sing along to and perfectly appropriate for making a first move on someone you are dancing near in a big room. All of the big guys are behind this track and with the anthemic keyboard line it could work its way onto commercial radio. If Patrick Hagenaar isn’t already on your “ones to watch” list, here is the exploding beacon to finally get your attention.

Image courtesy of Flashover.

SONG OF THE DAY: Andromeda – Every Little Piece of Me

Fun dance pop. That’s the best way to describe the new single “Every Little Piece of Me.” The beatless intro sounds like it is going to launch into a remix of the “Let It Go” song from Frozen, but when the energy builds it goes full-on Kylie-esque eurodance pop. What’s weird is that it sounds so familiar but it is also instantly memorable, kind of like that song you hear in the background and start singing along to without even realizing. It’s also kind of addictive because there’s no burnout when you listen to it on repeat. Lovers of dance pop will definitely enjoy “every little piece” of this galactic goodness.

Image courtesy of Shew Creative.

SONG OF THE DAY: Therese – Remedy

Best known for the classic dance anthem “Put ’em High” with Stonebridge, Swedish singer Therese has built a large following for her music (“Time,” “Feelin Me,” “Drop It Like It’s Hot”) and her equally exuberant live performances. After a short break from clubland, she has reemerged – launching her own label Vixon Records with the new single “Remedy.” The playful-yet-seductive lyrics combined with her multitone vocals make this feel like a lead single to a Kyle Minogue album (yes, it is that good). So it doesn’t come as a surprise that it hit the top 10 when it was originally released a few years ago. The new extended mix is of the moment dance pop, slickly produced with many layers that will work in any commercial club (and of course on dance radio). If there was an award given for diverse remix packages, “Remedy” would easily be in the running for best of the year. Of course, there are the quality big room electro and stadium house mixes that you would expect, with Papercha$er adding a catchy hook reminiscent of “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” and Adam Turner giving the Avicii-esque subgenre a fresh feel. Fellow Swede Zoo Brazil uses just a vocal syllable and constructs a chilled-out tribal dub that inspires poolside grooving. Dank fuses trap and electro in a way that sounds fresh and elevates both elements. Haji & Sheldon probably remixed this around the same time they were working on their massive progressive buzz record “Inception” as there are similar elements executed differently in both. Most importantly, Therese sounds good on every remix, whether with full vocal or dubbed-out, so don’t be surprised if you hear “Remedy” in the clubs for months to come.

Image Courtesy of Vixon Records.