Notable Dance Podcast #066

Notable Dance Podcast #066 by Notable Dance on Mixcloud

Yolanda Be Cool – Cause I Like It
Duke Dumont – Won’t Look Back
Cazzette ft The High – Sleepless
Da Rave – Milky Way
Le Youth – Feel Your Love ft Javeon
Basement Jaxx – Never Say Never (Mark Knight Remix)
Dirty Vegas – Setting Sun (Daddy’s Groove & Heymen Remix)
SCNDL – The Munsta
Laidback Luke & Marc Benjamin – We’re Forever
Will Sparks ft Troi – When The Lights Go Out
Boyan and Boyer – Bangher
Swanky Tunes ft Raign – Fix Me
Eximinds – Poseidon
Benny Benassi ft Gary Go – Let This Last Forever

SONG OF THE DAY: Basement Jaxx – Unicorn and Sereia de Bahia (Mermaid of Bahia)

It looks like I am going to be banging this Latin trend as much as the Nu-House one. Basement Jaxx have always been known for creative electronic music with a quirky edge.? Their forthcoming Junto album is being billed as “a genre-hopping musical roller-coaster,” and from the sound of the first two singles, that sounds about right.? “Unicorn,” released last month, is a nu-House track with a vibe reminiscent of “Good Life” by Inner City with playful, nonsensical lyrics calling you to party and be free, like… well… Unicorns.? “Sereia de Baha” shares that same goofy, playful vibe but feels like it belongs on Fatboy Slim’s “Bem Brasil” album.? The track is instantly familiar with the kind of balearic and latin vibe which will make it perfect for summertime loungey sets and an obvious candidate for Ibiza anthem.? The random “In the hot box” male vocal sample is just so quirky and unexpected that it reminds you of how much fun the Basement Jaxx duo really are.? Seemingly just as random is that singer Nina Miranda was vocalist for the Smoke City’s late ’90s electronica hit “Underwater Love.”? As fun as both of these songs are, the videos elevate them with their goofy energy. It just goes to show that you don’t need a big budget to make a memorable visual clip to accompany a good track.

Image Courtesy of Atlantic Jaxx.

SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY FUNDAY): Little Mix ft Missy Elliott – “How Ya Doin”

As we in the United States are enjoying the delicious pop goodness of Little Mix’s debut single “Wings,” those in the UK are delving into their fourth confection – the ’90s-inspired “How Ya Doin.” Wow, is it just me, or has just about every other song I’ve written up in the past few weeks had a ’90s inspiration? The Little Mix crew camp it up with a ’90s hip-pop dance beat for a playful telling off of an unwanted suitor via modern phone etiquette. Reaching out to “Beep Me 911” rap diva Missy Elliott was a masterful decision proving that the foursome are either majorly wise beyond their years or have the best management team ever. Further proof of that is the video, sponsored by Live Colour XXL hair dye, which is highlighted with massive product placement as the girls’ colorful locks are highlighted by the just as animated backgrounds . Almighty’s hiNRG mix camps it up further by increasing the tempo for commercial dance floors without chipmunking the vocal. While the Almighty crew left off Missy’s rap, we can’t help but wonder why Missy hasn’t dropped the definitive EDM album? After all, she’s the one who first explored jungle with Timbaland and worked with producers like Basement Jaxx before anyone else in the hip-hop world did.

Image Courtesy of Syco/Columbia.