SONG OF THE DAY: Yolanda Be Cool? – Cause I Like It

You never really know what to expect from those crazy Aussies in Yolanda Be Cool.? Best known for “We No Speak Americano,” they’ve released a string of creative singles, with the most recent being the metallic reggae/downtempo chill hybrid cover of “All That She Wants.”? For “Cause I Like It,” they catch inspiration from Le Youth, taking a vocal sample and distorting and mutating it until it is completely unrecognizable and laying it over a retro ’90s house beat.? On first listen, I kept thinking the vocal sample was from Jinny “Keep Warm” until I remembered that “that” sample was actually from Voices in the Dark “Keep It Warm.”? The tempo and mood changes in “Cause I Like It” are just as random and fun as you would expect from a Yolanda Be Cool jam, with something different happening every thirty seconds.? If their DJ Sets are half as fun as their tracks, they must give Steve Aoki a run for best cartoon characters on stage.

Image courtesy of Dim Mak.