SONG OF THE DAY: Le Youth ft Javeon – Feel Your Love

A new Le Youth track makes me get my trainspotter ears ready to go since his first two singles “Cool” and “Dance With Me” featured samples that were distorted beyond easy recognition.? For “Feel You Love,” he changes his modus operandi and works with an original vocal and hook which he distorts, effects, and all around messes with.? Javeon’s voice, which is also present without effects, is reminiscent of polished male R&B singers of the ’90s, which really fits the vibe of the track.? But the different effects mirrors the musical mood changes which are based in the same classic ’90s house vibe of his previous singles – but with the addition of rave flourishes, stutter edits, electro bits, and other noises which give the song a more dynamic feel.?? The overall vibe is chill yet groovy and makes you want to watch a YouTube video of Wes James in the studio and see what inspires his unique sounds.

Image courtesy of Sony / Sign of the Times.