SONG OF THE DAY: Rivaz & Benny Benassi ft Heather Bright – “Tell Me Twice”

Sometimes a great song is just a matter of mixing the right ingredients together.? “Tell Me Twice” is the Ultra Music Festival Anthem which blends pretty rhythms with hard electro beats as the track behind a melodic pop vocal. Actually, you can basically break up the record pretty easily and figure out who did what.? Rivaz (aka Davide Riva) obviously did the the gorgeous and uplifting intro section, you can hear it as a continuation from the epic “Colors” record which buzzed around WMC.? His pop production skills also influenced the song structure (he is part of the production team that created the Whigfield phenomenon of the ’90s), yet the actual lyrics are clearly the work of Heather Bright (aka Bright Lights). If you crosspollinate her previous records “Never Say Goodbye,” “Language,” and “Ghosts,” you can already hear the DNA.? That leaves the aggressive electro beats which are clearly the contribution of Benny Benassi.? As a DJ, I am thankful that they left enough of a loop through all the drops so that dancers will have a beat to latch onto.? All of the remixes keep the tone of the original with slight mods for a different flavor – Adrian Lux (moodier progressive), Bottai (Zedd-esque electro), Simon de Jano (mellow electro house), and Bright Lights (indie electro). ??

Image Courtesy of Ultra.