INTERVIEW: Frankmusik (2013)

Back in the ?80s, the TV show Dallas decided that a whole season had been bad for the overall storyline, so they wrote it off as an extended dream sequence.? That’s what we intend to do with? Frankmusik?s second album ?Do It In the AM,? since his new music (?Maps,? “Chasing Shadows”) is such an excellent return to the form of his landmark debut, ?Complete Me.?? Moving away from Los Angeles, a major record label, and a fianc?e brought piano prodigy Frankmusik back to his senses and the wonderful electronic dance pop music that we all fell in love with him for originally.? Now flying solo, or as he calls it, free, he is in control of his own destiny and has embarked on a US tour where his group is camping between cities and really seeing the states like never before.? We anxiously await to see how this journey will inspire his upcoming musical compositions.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: Have you played in Nashville before?
Frankmusik: No, I have never been to Nashville or anywhere near this place.

RS: But you have toured the US before?
Frankmusik: Yeah, but we never managed to get to the Music City, we are glad to be here now though.
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SONG OF THE DAY: Katrina – “Ready to Love”

The first time I heard Dave Aude’s mix of “OPM” from Star Search alumna Katrina, I was instantly drawn to the catchy hook, sing-along chorus, and of course, the playfully fierce vocal. After seeing her perform live at the Promo Only Summer Sessions last year, I quickly became a fan. When she was on tour with Meat Loaf, I chatted with her at the Ryman and she mentioned that she was working with Frankmusik. Needless to say, I’ve been anticipating the release of “Ready to Love,” and it’s even better than I’d imagined. A fully-realized dance pop song complete with sing-a-long chorus, energetic beats, a catchy strat/guitar hook (which has my trainspotter brain going crazy), and great vocals/vocal production, the song is “ready” for mainstream radio. For clubs, there is a plethora of strong remixes by Joe Gauthreaux, Mike Rizzo, and Dark Intensity. Seamus Haji’s take stands out as my favorite, following up his recent remixes of Usher and Ne-Yo with this smooth blend of body and soul with energetic electro. Watch for the remixes to be released next month and enjoy a preview of the original version below.

Original – Listen

Seamus Haji – Listen

SONG OF THE DAY: Frankmusik – “Maps”

Back in the ’80s, the TV show Dallas decided that a whole season had been bad for the overall storyline, so they wrote it off as an extended dream sequence.? Let’s just all agree to do that with Frankmusik’s second album ‘Do It In the AM,” since his new single “Maps” is such a return to the excellent form of his landmark debut, ‘Complete Me.”? The lovely discordant feel of blending emotionally stirring symphonic production for the verses with frantic electropop for the chorus is the kind of brilliant madness that we all fell in love with when we first discovered “3 Little Words” and “Better Off As Two.”? His songwriting has moved away from the wannabe party boy and back to the heartfelt storytelling that we love him for.? Interpreted as a farewell-to-love song, “Maps” was the perfect clearing the slate/starting over song to be released on Valentine’s Day.? Interpreted as a response to his former record label, it’s the best artist screw-you message since Sara Bareilles told off Amanda Ghost in “King of Anything.” ?With “Maps” and his production of Katrina’s new single “Ready to Love,” we anxiously await diving into his new EP Far From Over and the rest of his upcoming third album, due to be released in April.

Image Courtesy of Frankmusik.