SONG OF THE DAY: Bright Light Bright Light – In Your Care and An Open Heart

How did I miss these songs? Back in November, British singer/songwriter Rod Thomas (aka Bright Light Bright Light) released the five track ‘In Your Care’ EP. The songs continue the journey from his incredible debut album ‘Make Me Believe in Hope,’ as he writes incredibly elevated and complex lyrics over lush synth pop and 90s dance beats. “In Your Care” is a personal song about finding his own way away from his loved ones in a new city in a style similar to Frankmusik or early New Order. “An Open Heart” urges a shy, scared or possibly closeted person to break away from their fears to allow love in their life, produced in the style of Electronic and ‘Behaviour’-era Pet Shop Boys. These two songs paired with the somber “Movement in the Dark” and the infectiously poppy “Same Dream” make the EP an essential purchase for anyone who adores synth pop or Disclosure’s debut album.

Image courtesy of Self Raising Records.

SONG OF THE DAY: Bright Light Bright Light – In Your Care and An Open Heart

INTERVIEW: Frankmusik (2013)

Back in the ?80s, the TV show Dallas decided that a whole season had been bad for the overall storyline, so they wrote it off as an extended dream sequence.? That’s what we intend to do with? Frankmusik?s second album ?Do It In the AM,? since his new music (?Maps,? “Chasing Shadows”) is such an excellent return to the form of his landmark debut, ?Complete Me.?? Moving away from Los Angeles, a major record label, and a fianc?e brought piano prodigy Frankmusik back to his senses and the wonderful electronic dance pop music that we all fell in love with him for originally.? Now flying solo, or as he calls it, free, he is in control of his own destiny and has embarked on a US tour where his group is camping between cities and really seeing the states like never before.? We anxiously await to see how this journey will inspire his upcoming musical compositions.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: Have you played in Nashville before?
Frankmusik: No, I have never been to Nashville or anywhere near this place.

RS: But you have toured the US before?
Frankmusik: Yeah, but we never managed to get to the Music City, we are glad to be here now though.
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SONG OF THE DAY: Frankmusik – “Chasing Shadows”

To say that I am a fan of Frankmusik is an understatement.? Just as his last single “Maps” was a return to the excellence of his debut album, his new single “Chasing Shadows” reaches new heights of magnificence.? Epic may be a term overused to describe EDM tracks, but it is hard to find another word to describe the magnificence of this track. His voice hits high notes with such beauty, perfection, and emotion that it feels like modern opera with electronic production – something like the Pet Shop Boys would have done for a theatrical score.? His writing is also as intelligent as ever- 67,000 miles an hour is the speed of the earth’s rotation – how often do you get an astronomy lesson in a pop song??? “Chasing Shadows” is not a floorfilling club anthem (though with the right remix – say Audien or tyDi – it could be), it’s a gorgeous, cinematic electronic ballad that makes us anxious to hear his forthcoming ‘Between’ album which is due next month.

Image Courtesy of?Frankmusik.