SONG OF THE DAY: Denzal Park ft Jon Hume – One Way Home (REMIX PREMIERE)

There’s a lot of great music coming out from down under right now – last week was the great new single from Helen Corry “Time,” and today we have an exclusive remix premiere from producer/DJ duo Denzal Park. “One Way Home” is an uplifting progressive pop single with a powerful chorus and a strong, uniting positive message. Actually, the lyrics are a bit open to interpretation and the message could be inspirational or religious depending on your perspective. The singer Jon Hume should sound familiar as the lead singer of Evermore, the Aussie rock band that had a major club hit thanks to a Dirty South remix. Speaking of remixes – the mixes by Arston and WasteLand both energize the track in a progressive/stadium direction, while Marek bangs out a harder electro and Fear of Dawn slows it down for a funkier synth-pop/nu-House take (reminiscent of Fear of Tigers, actually). While on the Denzal Park tip, be sure to check out their recent “Look Back” single with Eyelar, and their track with Zoe Badwi “Torches.”

Image Courtesy of Neon Records.

SONG OF THE DAY: Morgan Page and Michael S – “Against the World”

Premiered during Morgan Page’s recent MPP3d bus tour, “Against the Tour” is a moving and powerful song of unity between two people. The progressive pop track is almost a battle of contrasts; multilayered yet pristine, and energetic yet pretty, it really stands out from similar tracks that have been released over the past few months. Michael S contributes a solid vocal performance filled with emotion similar in style to “Leaving You” with Audien, but with the completely opposite message. Actually, the more I listen to the lyrics, I keep think its the modern interpretation of an old Helen Reddy song (written by Daft Punk collaborator Paul Williams) of a similar title. New remixes by Tony Romera and Denzal Park add a bit of electro for primetime dance floor energy while keeping the tone and message firmly in place. It might be a bit late for Valentine’s Day, but “Against the World” would be a perfect song to send to someone special in your life.

Image courtesy of Nettwerk.

Morgan Page and Michael S – “Against the World”

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