FRESH PICKS: November 29th

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SONG OF THE DAY: John Dahlback and Greg Cerrone ft Janice Robinson – “Every Breath”

What do you get when you cross a Swede, a Frenchman and an American diva? In the case of John Dahlback, Greg Cerrone and Janice Robinson, you get an uplifting electro monster called “Every Breath.” The original production is the perfect blend of big room electro with a touch of pop feel, one of those great club records that can be shortened into a radio friendly pop hit. DJs will appreciate that there are no beatless dropouts, even during the breakdown there is a keyboard keeping the beat as not to scare away finicky crowds. Singer/songwriter Janice Robinson (best known for Living Joy’s “Dreamer’) turns in a powerful vocal performance with inspired lyrics like “This is a song to save my life.” That’s a big claim to live up to but with the superb original production and aggressive electro remix by Lucky Date, “Every Breath” is definitely a song that can save your dance floor.

Image courtesy of Big Beat.