SONG OF THE DAY: Kryoman and Paul Anthony ft Paige Young – Losing All Control

It’s been fun watching the career of LED robot party DJ Kryoman unroll over the past few months. His musical output has included a vulgar party record (“Crowdfuker”), a collab with Paris Hilton (“Good Time”), and an update of a classic Italian folk song (“Tarantella”). For “Losing All Control,” the illuminated character teams up with Chicago-based producer Paul Anthony to create a party ready electro track with a progressive-ish breakdown. Playboy playmate Paige Young contributes the pretty vocal performance with lyrics perfect for pop singalong. While the song could easily be dismissed as a mashup of recent and retro hits by Afrojack, Deorro, and LMFAO, it is quite solid on its own and would easily work in a commercial club setting. If you are a fan of Paige Young, you should check out her “acoustic” cover of Mr Probz “Waves.”

Image courtesy of Evolution Music.

SONG OF THE DAY: Bombs Away – “Better Luck Next Time”

I was talking to a record promoter on the phone and thought I was hearing my favorite track of the moment, Lazy Jay’s “On the Rocks,” playing in the background. When I asked what it was, it ended up being “Better Luck Next Time” by the Australian pranksters Bombs Away, the duo best known for their cartoon videos and party boy antics. “Better Luck Next Time” features the duo rapping and sounding like a cross between Example, Hypercrush and LMFAO with a bit of effected vocals (? la ’90s Daft Punk) over a commercial, yet progressive-sounding track. For me, it’s all about the genre-spanning mixes by Joel Fletcher (alternating trap, banging electro, and progressive phrases), a MOTi mix (full-on aggressive electro with staccato, accented vocal bits) and Reece Low (bounce and trap). It’s a solid package of tracks that just make the duo “explode” all over the world.

SONG OF THE DAY: KAPTN – “Ricky Ricardo”

Like the rest of the world, we first heard about KAPTN when Miley Cyrus got wild in his “Juice” video – a slowed down/weed-ed out take of Psy/LMFAO electro hip-pop. Going even more into the novelty direction, the Los Angeles rapper has reimagined the classic “I Love Lucy” characters as alcohol-fueled party people. The track has so many hooks that it could fuel its own drinking game: elements of Modjo-esque disco house, trap-like drum fills, the title “Ricky Ricardo” spoken in a similar effect as DuckSauce’s “Barbara Streisand,” and the soca-esque “she’ll be back” all combined for a fun and pervertedly playful hip-hop/house hybrid jam. In this era of ubiquitous product placements, you’ve got to love that he name checks “Johnson & Johnson” baby powder, and if it’s a paid placement, then corporate America really is getting hip on how to reach the new generation of young consumers.

Images courtesy of Island/Def Jam.