SONG OF THE DAY (SUNDAY?FUNDAY):?? Kryoman vs Stellar? – “Crowd Fuker”

Those of us a certain age will remember an infamous CD compilation called ‘Rave Til Dawn.”? For many, it was our first introduction to techno and rave with songs by Praga Khan, Lords of Acid, and 2 Unlimited – fondly considered the gateway to the party scene.? Apparently, the ’90s are back and a guy in a LED robot suit is hitting the scene, bringing back the same techno for a new generation of rave kids (maybe the offspring of the original PLUR generation). Having never seen Kryoman perform live, I can only go by the video for “Crowd Fuker” where his amazing sets inspire over the top debaucherous partying where everyone passes out until the next day when they are ready to go at it again.? His energetic dancing is a cross between the box-headed guy in LMFAO videos and Steve Aoki’s shenanigans.? The track itself could easily fit on Rave Til Dawn (mixed between tracks 5 and 6 maybe), but if retro house is making a comeback, why can’t old school techno music?? As a DJ, the next time I get annoyed by some moron yelling at me because all I play is techno, this will be the next track because of its appropriate and uplifting message of “F*ck You.”?

Image Courtesy of Con Records.