SONG OF THE DAY: KAPTN – “Ricky Ricardo”

Like the rest of the world, we first heard about KAPTN when Miley Cyrus got wild in his “Juice” video – a slowed down/weed-ed out take of Psy/LMFAO electro hip-pop. Going even more into the novelty direction, the Los Angeles rapper has reimagined the classic “I Love Lucy” characters as alcohol-fueled party people. The track has so many hooks that it could fuel its own drinking game: elements of Modjo-esque disco house, trap-like drum fills, the title “Ricky Ricardo” spoken in a similar effect as DuckSauce’s “Barbara Streisand,” and the soca-esque “she’ll be back” all combined for a fun and pervertedly playful hip-hop/house hybrid jam. In this era of ubiquitous product placements, you’ve got to love that he name checks “Johnson & Johnson” baby powder, and if it’s a paid placement, then corporate America really is getting hip on how to reach the new generation of young consumers.

Images courtesy of Island/Def Jam.