INTERVIEW: Dave Aude (2013)

With over eighty chart-topping remixes, it’s hard to think of an artist who has not been reworked by Grammy-nominated producer Dave Aude.? Depeche Mode, Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Madonna, Sting, LeAnn Rimes, and Donna Summer are just a few who’ve received the Aude treatment.? And while there isn’t a single trademark Dave Aude sound, each of his productions are solid and sound just as good in the clubs as they do on the radio.? Though he is known mainly for production/remixing, his skills as a DJ are just as evolved.? I had the honor of opening for him recently and was blown away as he worked three Pioneer CD decks, layering acapellas over different tracks, seemingly producing new remixes in real time.

Ron Slomowicz: There are singles coming out which say ?Dave Aude featuring X? and other singles that say ?X featuring Dave Aude,? what?s the difference?
Dave Aude: There is no difference; some people like to have their name first, sometimes. A lot of people are adding Dave Aude on their song because it helps them get their name out there. There is really no difference though, it just means that I am on the song somewhere.

RS: If it is a ?Dave Aude featuring X? track does that mean that you had more involvement on the production and writing side?
Dave Aude: I think that I have the same involvement in either situation. When I put somebody?s name first I am just trying to promote them as a new artist, as opposed to when my name is first it is my single and they are just singing.

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Notable Dance Podcast #022

Chris Malinchak – If You Got It
Hot Natured – Isis Magic Carpet Ride (Lee Curtiss)
Eelke Kleijn ft Treson – Stand Up (Extended)
Bizarre Inc – Took My Love (MK Dub)
Inner City – Good Life (Markus Lauc)
Denzal Park ft Eyelar – Look Back (Original)
Adrian Lux – Damaged (Marcus Schossow)
Mercer – Supreme
Alex Guesta – The Scream
Showtek ft We Are Loud & Sonny Wilson – Booyah
Quintino & Blasterjaxx – Puzzle
Savoy & Heather Bright – We Are the Sun
Moby – A Case For Shame (Spartaque)

SONG OF THE DAY: Inner City – “Good Life 2013”

Kevin Saunderson, one of the Belleville Three who started the Detroit techno sound, formed Inner City with singer Paris Grey in the late 80s.? Their classic track “Good Life,” seems to get a remix package every few years and for the 25th Anniversary, it stays in the family with Kevin’s son Dantiez contributing a mix.? Dantiez pairs with White Chocolate for a darker tech sound which has the true flavor of the original with a modern feel. The Contepella mix reimagines the track as urban flavored hiphop and really works on many levels.? The Disclosure-ish dub by Pig & Dan is also a highlight though a vocal version would take it over the top.? Another highlight is Markus Lauc Mix which adds a slightly commercial feel but keeps the cool feeling of the original.? Overall a strong set of remixes that pay homage to the original while giving it a modern flavor and DJs will no doubt be playing in their sets.? Another mix worth hunting down, is the Spanish language “Buena Vida” version which was released back in 1998.

Image Courtesy of KMS.