SONGS OF THE DAY: Rune RK “Burning Boombox” and Grandtheft & Christian Rich “Deep”

Akin to last week’s double shot of tracks sampling Italohouse diva Ann Marie Smith, here we have two records sampling seminal dubbed-out house classics. Built on the refrain “Deep Down Inside” from Hardrive’s “Deep Down Inside” (later immortalized in “Beautiful People” by Barbara Tucker), the team of Grandtheft & Christian Rich stutter and effect the words into a dirty trap track that will make the hipsters and urban crowds go wild. I guess it makes sense that when an indie electro guy works with a hip-hop electronic duo, the result is a sick trap track. Leave it to Danish producer Rune RK (a/k/a Enur who dominated Ibiza and the world with “Calabria”) to recycle the classic Nightcrawlers’ “Push the Feeling On” hooks from Mark Kinchen’s Dub of Doom into a modern big room stadium house track. The video for “Burning Boombox” tells the story of how he made the track by looping the sample and playing a new keyboard line underneath it. Both these tracks are proof that the ’90s are definitely back and we can look forward to a whole summer of classics with a modern twist dominating dance floors around the world.

Image courtesy of Spinnin.

SONG OF THE DAY: Enur ft Nicki Minaj & Goonrock – “I’m That Chick”

Oh to be a fly on the wall for this writing session. ? Danish producer Enur is the producer of the sax-y club hit “Calabria,” so teaming him up with sassy rapper Nicki Minaj and writer/producer Goonrock (who was responsible for LMFAO’s biggest hits) was bound to lead to a fun party record. ? Pure pop with electro beats, the song seems more like it was meant for summer beach parties, though it definitely will heat up winter playlists.? Nicki’s multiple personalities are on display and Goonrock holds his own as a rapper as well.? This is the kind of fun track that one imagines would be an international pop hit if say, someone like David Guetta or Bob Sinclar would have released it. ? The video is quite fun with an animated young girl (reminiscent of Missy Elliott’s back up dancer Alyson Stoner) miming the lyrics in the back of limo with imaginary characters joining for the ride.? Yeah, it’s kind of cheesy but still quite fun.? “I’m That Chick” could even be a good kiddie record, save for the bleeped expletives.

Image Courtesy of Ultra.

SONG OF THE DAY: Rune RK – “Teacup”

Danish producer Rune Reilly Kolsch certainly enjoys jumping through genres from minimal house and electro with his brother as Artificial Funk, to reggae and world beat as Enur, and to progressive house under the moniker Rune RK. His WMC buzz record “Memorize Me” with Databoy follows here with “Teacup,” a subtly minimal track that develops in intensity and becomes as powerful as a big room anthem. The build up is so gradual that you don’t even realize it’s happening. Before you know it you are pumping along with it. DJs who are looking to transition from a mellow opening track to a more big room sound would do well to grab this one. An overtly stylized video clip features mayhem, madness and a head case, personified by Scandinavian models who destroy a ceramic tea service under the voyeuristic enjoyment of Rune himself. Thankfully the models are safely protected by severe facial coverings that will make this video the biggest fetishist fantasy since Armand van Helden’s “Hear My Name.”

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