SONG OF THE DAY: Enur ft Nicki Minaj & Goonrock – “I’m That Chick”

Oh to be a fly on the wall for this writing session. ? Danish producer Enur is the producer of the sax-y club hit “Calabria,” so teaming him up with sassy rapper Nicki Minaj and writer/producer Goonrock (who was responsible for LMFAO’s biggest hits) was bound to lead to a fun party record. ? Pure pop with electro beats, the song seems more like it was meant for summer beach parties, though it definitely will heat up winter playlists.? Nicki’s multiple personalities are on display and Goonrock holds his own as a rapper as well.? This is the kind of fun track that one imagines would be an international pop hit if say, someone like David Guetta or Bob Sinclar would have released it. ? The video is quite fun with an animated young girl (reminiscent of Missy Elliott’s back up dancer Alyson Stoner) miming the lyrics in the back of limo with imaginary characters joining for the ride.? Yeah, it’s kind of cheesy but still quite fun.? “I’m That Chick” could even be a good kiddie record, save for the bleeped expletives.

Image Courtesy of Ultra.