SONGS OF THE DAY: Rune RK “Burning Boombox” and Grandtheft & Christian Rich “Deep”

Akin to last week’s double shot of tracks sampling Italohouse diva Ann Marie Smith, here we have two records sampling seminal dubbed-out house classics. Built on the refrain “Deep Down Inside” from Hardrive’s “Deep Down Inside” (later immortalized in “Beautiful People” by Barbara Tucker), the team of Grandtheft & Christian Rich stutter and effect the words into a dirty trap track that will make the hipsters and urban crowds go wild. I guess it makes sense that when an indie electro guy works with a hip-hop electronic duo, the result is a sick trap track. Leave it to Danish producer Rune RK (a/k/a Enur who dominated Ibiza and the world with “Calabria”) to recycle the classic Nightcrawlers’ “Push the Feeling On” hooks from Mark Kinchen’s Dub of Doom into a modern big room stadium house track. The video for “Burning Boombox” tells the story of how he made the track by looping the sample and playing a new keyboard line underneath it. Both these tracks are proof that the ’90s are definitely back and we can look forward to a whole summer of classics with a modern twist dominating dance floors around the world.

Image courtesy of Spinnin.