SONGS OF THE DAY: Rune RK “Burning Boombox” and Grandtheft & Christian Rich “Deep”

Akin to last week’s double shot of tracks sampling Italohouse diva Ann Marie Smith, here we have two records sampling seminal dubbed-out house classics. Built on the refrain “Deep Down Inside” from Hardrive’s “Deep Down Inside” (later immortalized in “Beautiful People” by Barbara Tucker), the team of Grandtheft & Christian Rich stutter and effect the words into a dirty trap track that will make the hipsters and urban crowds go wild. I guess it makes sense that when an indie electro guy works with a hip-hop electronic duo, the result is a sick trap track. Leave it to Danish producer Rune RK (a/k/a Enur who dominated Ibiza and the world with “Calabria”) to recycle the classic Nightcrawlers’ “Push the Feeling On” hooks from Mark Kinchen’s Dub of Doom into a modern big room stadium house track. The video for “Burning Boombox” tells the story of how he made the track by looping the sample and playing a new keyboard line underneath it. Both these tracks are proof that the ’90s are definitely back and we can look forward to a whole summer of classics with a modern twist dominating dance floors around the world.

Image courtesy of Spinnin.

INTERVIEW: Alex Gaudino (2013)

Italian DJs have an innate playfulness to them – whether it’s the goofy sexiness of Benny Benassi, pranksters DJs from Mars, or electro madmen Crookers.? Producer/DJ Alex Gaudino is no different, having soared to international stardom with the vocal mashups “Destination Calabria” and “Watch Out,” as well as a driving cover of the Joan Jett classic “I Love Rock and Roll.”? For his new album ‘Doctor Love,’ he takes inspiration from David Guetta and enlists superstar vocalists from the worlds of pop and R&B like Jordin Sparks, Jay Sean, Kelly Rowland, and Taboo (Black Eyed Peas) for a commercial, yet club-ready summer soundtrack.? If you prefer the harder side of Alex, be sure to check out his remixes with partner Jason Rooney.? We caught up with Alex at Winter Music Conference and though at times he is difficult to understand, his love of electronic music breaks through the language barrier.

DJ Ron Slomowicz:Are you the Doctor Love?
Alex Gaudino: That is a good question, I don?t really feel like I?m Doctor Love, but there are a lot of songs on my album that talk about love.
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INTERVIEW: Todd Terry (2013)

The superstar DJs of today owe a lot of credit to Todd Terry, or Todd the God as he was affectionately nicknamed.? Back in the day, he was criticized when he DJed and played a lot of his own productions.? Can you even think of a superstar DJ today who doesn’t do his own production?? Reenergized and embracing his heartfelt house grooves, Todd Terry is back to creating music for dancefloors embracing a multitude of genres – samba, hip-hop, and even electro with original productions and great collaborations.? I must say it was a true honor to speak with one of the true legends of house music.

DJ Ron Slomowicz: How was the OWAP (Original Warehouse Acid Party) event at Amsterdam Dance Event?
Todd Terry: It was great, gritty and dirty and exactly what I was looking for when I do OWAP. They just know how to fuse it together and make it real house and real funky.

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